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Imperial Valley

A photograph taken by Dorothea Lang in November of 1936. In California, a young couple without any money are hitchhiking on U.S Highway 99. In 1935, the father, 24-years-old, and the mother, 17-years-old, left West Salem, a town in Northern California. Their child was born in Imperial Valley, California, where they are working as field hands.
Who is this couple? What is their story?

The choreographer Bernard Baumgarten took inspiration from the emotion exuded by this photograph to present a moment of poignant reality. This choreography wishes to bring out a moment of the life of these three people – a purely fictitious instant of what could have been the relationship between this couple at this very moment of their history.



Choreography: Bernard Baumgarten

Performance: Jennifer Gohier, Gregory Beaumont

Production: CNA et TROIS C-L

Music: Samuel Barber, Blind Willie,

Composition and arrangement: Patrick Muller

Duration: 16 min.


With the support of SACEM Luxembourg