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This short piece hails from the research laboratory “Laboratory Light – Dance”, which was developed during their residency at the Banannefabrik (L) in 2012.

Several tracks resulting from this laboratory have already been followed and in this proposition of “Marie”, Bernard Baumgarten questions the circumstances of the audience in terms of voyeurism. At what point do I start to become a voyeur? When I am looking at the dancer from far away, protected by my being anonymous in the audience I am a spectator but when I am very close to the dancer and, additionally, when the other spectators are looking at me while I am looking at the dancer…do I then become a voyeur?

A dancer is surrounded by a barrier of light and meets the audience who in turn surrounds the space in which the dancer evolves.

Who personifies Marie?

Without an identity, the character of Marie becomes confused by several representations. She then personifies, at the same time, desire, fantasies nourished by experience and the expectations of every spectator and becomes again, to her alone, the object of a social representation.

A woman without a past or a future, she solely lives in the present moment.
She searches the contact with the audience, who observes her and awaits revelations from her.


Choreography: Bernard Baumgarten

Performance: Julie Bartélemy

Production: UnitControl, TROIS C-L