Laboratory is a research forum for choreography. This is where we explore our artistic possibilities; refine coordination between different personalities and work styles. At the same time, we lay the foundation for future productions. It is here as well that we have the chance to experiment with elements and influences from other fields of art and find out how to integrate them into our work.

We come together for the work at hand, where we develop not only the current lecture, production or workshop, but also the group's aesthetical signature. Laboratories afford us the creative space to work without the pressure of a production, leave the well-trodden paths and find new forms of artistic expression.



Next Lab / experimental workshop around the light space

This lab explores the oeuvre of James Turrell, trying to translate it into a choreographic language.

In order to do this we refer to his research regarding the sensation of light. Sculpting colour and its shadows and analysing their impact on our relation to physical reality are the main working areas of this American artist and at the same time the areas we will try to translate into dance movements. The chosen movements should translate and convey notions of fragility, ridiculousness and the preciousness of emotions radiating created by light. Light must be considered an active element of transformation through movement.

The idea of a choreography around and dedicated to the creation of light has haunted me for several years now. Ever since I started working with different lighting designer I often had the idea of creating a piece dedicated to space created by light. With this first approach to the subject I want to kick off a new project.

Creating a piece dedicated to the oeuvre of James Turrell is a very ambitious project. Before getting into the different stages of doing this choreography I would like to start with a series of dance labs on movement and light and develop a strategy to work on a choreographic language.



With the support of: TROIS C-L

From: July 16 - August 3 at STUDIO TROIS C-L