If you ask four dancers to represent their lives on stage – what happens?

The rehearsal studio is a laboratory: four dancers (two men and two women) from Poland, Canada and Greece present particularly important events from their biographies. They introduce subjects, music and costumes in order to tell the story of their lives.

The dancers' work has begun long before start of the actual rehearsals. They have drafted several short texts each on significant and out-of-the-ordinary, on comical, sad, serious or sensual events from their lives. These texts were used during the rehearsals as a basis for choreographic creation.

In this scenario of biographies put into dance, the choreographer has to make sure that four pronounced and highly different personalities can "live" together on stage, both next to each other and with one another. Who are these people moving on stage? choreoGraphy offers a view of the personalities behind the dancers, without make-up and under a magnifying glass.

The choreographic piece explores the question, whether such an auto-representation can be achieved. Are we going to witness the truth on stage, or are the dancers going to hide behind their roles as dancers?  



Choreography: Bernard Baumgarten

Choreography/Dance: Aglaia Kioussi, Yohanna Stange, Jorgos Fokianos, Krzysztof Zawadzki

Light Design: Ruprecht Lademann Costumes: Bernard Baumgarten

Music/Sound Collage: Krzysztof Zawadzki

Lenght: 80 Minutes

Premiere: Decembre 2004

Production: UnitControl, Théâtre d'Esch, Théâtre Danse et Mouvement/ Ministère de la Culture, de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, danceWEB-Europe, Vienna, Austria  

With the support of Fonds Culturel National , Fondation Indépendance, get-up-artists, Esch-sur-Alzette, Format, Luxemburg.