"creatures" combines several topics that have been on Bernard Baumgarten's mind for a long time: Who am I within society? Do I comply with the norms and demands that people around me impose?

"creatures" is a piece on being different, on diversity, individuality and acceptance. Mr. Baumgarten addresses classical and modern norms of beauty and outer appearance and questions them. Is there a universal measure for beauty? Does this measure give consideration to my individuality?

Implicitly, "creatures" does also address the question of society's attitude towards diversity, towards individuality. How much self-will, how much diversity can society tolerate? How much common ground and egalitarianism are prerequisite for living together?


Choreography: Bernard Baumgarten

Dancers: Evguenia Chtchelkova, Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli, Andrew Kaiser, Litsa Kiousi

Light: Lutz Deppe

Costumes: Cynthia Dumont

Stage: Sophie Michèle Maurer

Lenght: 60 Minutes

Production: UnitControl, TROIS C-L, Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg,

Première: November 2006 Grand Théatre de Luxembourg