Mischa Ebner was Swiss. He had a steady job and a girlfriend and was a  champion In the traditional Swiss sports discipLine "military running" (Waffenlauf). People around him had no inkling that this pleasant young man without apparent troubles was In fact a murderer.

Inspired by this character, the team of MISCHAderFALL tries to approach the man's crimInal nature by artistic means.

Taken on a journey the spectator will experience dance, theater, Installations and music, confrontIng himself with the darker aspects of his own nature. Along the way he will have to decide whether he can or wants to contInue In this confrontation with his own shadows.



MISCHAderFALL: Bernard Baumgarten and Claude Mangen

Coproduction: UnitControl, TROIS C-L, Mierscher Kulturhaus, CAPe Ettelbruck, MASKéNADA

Partners: CHNP Ettelbrück, CFL Luxembourg

Premiere: 15 July 2008 Mierscher Kulturhaus, CAPe Ettelbrück

With the support of Fondation Indépendance, Danz Festival Lëtzebuerg, F.C. Marica-Mersch, Ministerium für Bildung, Familie, Frauen und Kultur – Saarland, Sacem Luxembourg