on my skin

Human skin is a phenomenon. It separates the body from the environment and at the same time it builds a bridge to things and people surrounding us: hot or cold, smooth or rough, dry or wet – our skin tells us what is happening around us. At the same time it carries information about ourselves: it tells about our health, our age, if we just had a sunbath or if we are scared and break out in a cold sweat. We hide our skin under clothes and at the same time we are fascinated to see the undisguised and naked skin.

Bernard Baumgarten bans this very personal and emotional topic in sensual and flowing movements that profit from big malleability and strong colours. In „on my skin“ the dancers newly discover their again and experience a world full of opposites: alliance and separation, contact and distance, cover and discover, pleasure and pain – the skin and the individual sensation become the determining element in the happenings on stage.



Choreography: Bernard Baumgarten

Dancers: Sarah Picard, Drew Kayser, Laurence Katz, Raphaël Soleilhavoup

Music: Einstürzende Neubauten

Light: Benjamin Muhr

Costumes: Isabelle Dickes / Bernard Baumgarten

Lenght: 40 Minutes

Production: UnitControl, TROIS C-L, opderschmelz

With the support of: Fonds Culturel National du Luxembourg, Fondation Indépendance

Premiere: 28.05.09 / Centre Culturel Régional "opderschmelz", Dudelange, Luxembourg