19.11.2011 > 20:00 Tufa, Trier
20.11.2011 > 16:00 Tufa, Trier

23.11.2011 > 20:00 opderschmelz, Dudelange
24.11.2011 > 20:00 opderschmelz, Dudelange

10.02.2012 > 19:00 Mudam, Luxembourg
12.02.2012 > 16:00 Mudam, Luxembourg
15.02.2012 > 10:30 Mudam, Luxembourg (School session)
16.02.2012 > 15:45 Mudam, Luxembourg


Bernard Baumgarten's latest creation questions the life of superheroes.

How does the discovery of heroes lead to the evolution of superheroes?
Why do they decide to offer their services to others?
How do they see their degree of popularity?
And moreover, what happens if the superhero loses his revenger status?

Being abandoned by society, loss of identity, oblivion, solitude... but at the same time dreams and hope of regaining lost glory.

In a scenic space designed by Elvire Bastendorff and shaped like an arena the audience surrounds the stage but at the same time finds itself on the same level as the superheroes. Supported by mirrors and the constant vis-à-vis a dialogue evolves between each person in the audience and the superheroes... A shared collective world not too imaginary after all...



Choreographer: Bernard Baumgarten

Dancers: Gianfranco Celestino / Thierry Duirat

Set design: Elvire Bastendorff

Costumes: Caroline Koener

Light design: Jean Brücher

Administration: Manuela Lorenzo

Lenght: 40 Minutes

Copoduction: UnitControl, TROIS C-L, CCRD opderschmelz, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Mudam.

With the support of Fonds Culturel National du Luxembourg